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"Put down that wrench!"

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Nick Gibbins
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Forty-something lecturer at a UK university, working on knowledge management, the Semantic Web, hypertext and hypermedia, multi-agent systems and applied artificial intelligence. In my now-long-lost spare time, I used to write stuff for the Temple ov thee Lemur, but since none of us have time to update the site I don't feel too guilty about it. Hopelessly besotted with ias, and intending not to become a responsible grown up any time soon dad to the garklet.

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I store my bookmarks on del.icio.us, for which there is an LJ feed at nmg_delicious

I'm in the process of cataloguing my books on LibraryThing.

I'm on last.fm, but haven't synced for some time.
4ad, alan moore, alfred bester, ansible, art spiegelman, artificial intelligence, atheism, barry purves, ben jeapes, bernard herrmann, billy bragg, bolexbrothers, brian aldiss, bruce sterling, campaign for nuclear disarmament, camra, cerebus, cheapass games, chris ware, comics, computer science, curmudgeonliness, daniel clowes, dave langford, dead can dance, direct animation, douglas coupland, earth-sheltered housing, edward gorey, elizabeth david, elvis costello, emacs, emil zola, evan dorkin, evelyn waugh, farmers' markets, feminism, film societies, flanders and swann, foaf, folk music, frederick pohl, greg egan, gyorgi ligeti, half man half biscuit, haruki murakami, howard waldrop, hypermedia, hypertext, iain banks, iain m banks, ian dury, icehouse, interzone, irn-bru, isihac, jan svankmajer, jeff noon, jeunet et caro, john brunner, john clute, john otway, katsuhiro otomo, ken macleod, kilgore trout, kirsty maccoll, klf, len lye, lindsay anderson, lisp, looney labs, los bros hernandez, lucius shepherd, madness, magic realism, marc hempel, maurice sendak, media manipulation, michael marshall smith, michael nyman, micropayment, mornington crescent, mozilla, nanni moretti, nigel molesworth, nigel slater, norman mclaren, ntk, open hypermedia, peter greenaway, philip glass, philip k dick, plokta, plymouth gin, posy simmonds, psychic tv, pulp, radio 4, ranting, rdf, real ale, robert altman, robert rankin, roberta gregory, role playing, rss, rudy rucker, salt and sauce, science fiction, scott mccloud, second hand books, semantic web, sf, short films, single malt whisky, socialism, stanley kubrick, steve bell, subject indexes, talk.bizarre, talkers, ted nelson, temple ov thee lemur, terry gilliam, the archers, the brothers quay, the divine comedy, the grateful dead, the grauniad, the jam, the selecter, the specials, the velvet underground, the who, tilting at windmills, tom lehrer, tom waits, totl.net, transclusion, two tone ska, unreasonable dogmatism, ursula leguin, uwsf&fs, vannevar bush, viridian, w3c, william gibson, wim wenders, xanadu

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