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A good start to the day

I don't usually receive parcels at work, so I was a little surprised to find a big squishy jiffy bag in my pigeonhole this morning. It certainly didn't look like something from a publisher (on those occasions when I get examination copies of books), but there was every chance that it was a birthday present arriving before this weekend. I was wrong. It was much, much better than that, and even more unexpected - a bright red cot blanket knitted by the capable hands of the fair nannyo.

Nicola, you're an absolute marvel - thank you very much from us both (and an advance thank you from the garklet too)!

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(Deleted comment)
Yep, still pummelling Issy from the inside-out.

Hoorah! I was worried that I wouldn't get it to you pre-arrival of Garklet. I'm very pleased that you like it.

Yes, got here in pleeenty of time! (and bonus marks for finding my work address)

well, I knew your name, and the uni, so I put my google skills to work ;)

Must catch up when I'm back from Novacon!. Have friend coming Fri 24th Nov - any suggestions for good times in Soton on a Fri night??!

(Deleted comment)
Uuhhh prob not without a gay native guide. Where is it anyway?

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