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One for john_callaghan: The Travellers

Had a good night in London yesterday with andre_powell, kentonuk, laniel, john_callaghan, kowt, meryc and royan, the occasion being the celebration of royan and redshira's impending nuptials. Food at Papageno's near Covent Garden was slightly uninspired pan-Ottoman fare; I've had better Greek/Turkish food elsewhere, and the service left something to be desired, as did the 12.5% service charge automatically added to the bill. Looking at customer reviews here, it seems that I'm not alone. That said, this didn't dampen our spirits; I certainly think that we'd have been hard-pushed to find anything better in central London on a Saturday night at short notice.

Anyway, to carry on from a conversation with JC - Mark Harrison's (not that one) collected Travellers strips from the pages of White Dwarf are available here. They're not complete, and sadly don't include the suburbia finale that we were talking about, which was the conclusion to the third story ("The Travellers in... Shadows"). However, this third story does appear in the Pirata Publications reprint that I mentioned, though the photocopy reproduction is so lousy that it's hard to make out much of the detail.

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There's a pretty informal and rather excellent biannual weekend gaming event that I've been going to for the past couple of years (I was introduced to it by meryc, who is married to my ex-housemate and Warwick contemporary hsb - Heather). The next one is in the Spring (8th-12th March), and will take place in Belper (Derbyshire).


I may just consider that, is there space in the house or does it require a local hotel?

We've been gradually expanding (currently 30-odd people), and currently fill three houses. There were sufficient beds for everyone this time, but until we know numbers for the spring we won't be able to guarantee this.

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