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Shall we play a game?

How about Global Thermonuclear War?

About eighteen months ago, I mentioned a game called Darwinia from a small UK software company called Introversion Software. Not content with their success (Darwinia won some awards), they've now released their latest offering, a Wargames-esque game of nuclear armageddon called Defcon. Rather good, and very, very pretty, though with less humour than the Nuclear War card game from Flying Buffalo.

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Armadillo Run is a nice idea, but I've played something very like it before (can't remember the name of the game, though).

I'm still in the honeymoon period with Defcon; if it's as shallow as you suggest, it's not going to have much replayability (which for GBP10 isn't a problem).

I quite liked the Tron-ish look of Darwinia, but I think that Uplink was the better game.

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