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So very tired

The insomnia kicked in with a vengeance last night - I was wide awake at 0330, and didn't manage to get back to sleep. What are the chances of me remaining awake during this afternoon's committee meeting?

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Me too - although not until 6:45, so I'm only tired, not completely knackered.

Hah. 0645 is normal waking-up time for me (the clock radio goes off at 0700, and I like to be slightly awake before I start shouting at the Today Programme).

I usually awake at 8:15, leave house at 9:00, get to work for 9:30.

And I tend to go to bed at midnight-ish, which makes 6:45am officially far too early.

(Deleted comment)
If I can get mind-transferrence between clones, I'm setting up a cluster of Phils. Mmm...paralell processing.

Re: You see, this is where human cloning can help...

Sounds like a good idea, though I also like Phil's take on it.

With my luck however, I'd end up being the clone that gets sent to work.

But that's the beauty of it.

There's still only one of you---you've just got more bodies to allocate to things, and the extra mental throughput to make use of it.

Might be a bit trippy if some of you are deep in REM sleep while the others are sitting in a meeting, though.

Possibly. Bloody hard to stay awake during this afternoon's two and a half hour committee meeting with a pint inside me and bugger all sleep last night. :(

Poor you :( I went to the LIBRARY and actually READ JOURNALs which was amazingly pleasant after about 3 weeks of nothing but meetings and handouts and proofs ..

The library would have been a bad idea, I'm sure - I got home at 1730, said hello to ias and then fell asleep on the sofa for the next hour.

(Deleted comment)
Alas, no. Woke at 0345, didn't get more than an hour's sleep after that.

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