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Shed raising/razing

Was lego your favourite childhood toy? Did you enjoy building forts and dens when younger? Are you handy with a hammer? We're going to be putting up a new shed in our garden at Gark Villa next weekend (7-8th October), and if conditions are favourable, take down the old shed as well.

Given Isobel's increasingly 'delicate condition', this is a thinly-veiled call for volunteers. In return, we'll feed you and ply you with good beer.

Anyone interested?

ps: apologies for the late notice - I only got a delivery date from the shed company yesterday afternoon!

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Afraid I can't make it this time (I'll be in London that weekend) - but my wrecking bar is still at Faith's flat, so if you want to borrow it let us know and I'll get her to bring it into the office sometime in the week.

No problem. We're going to concentrate on putting up the new shed (we haven't hired a skip for the old shed, for a start), so I don't think that the wrecking bar will be that useful.

Sure ! Tho i'm not er sure what i'm good for !

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