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Shed razing/raising

Fancy a weekend of destruction? Handy with a wrecking bar, a hammer, or a screwdriver? We've got two sheds in our garden at Gark Villa, both of which have seen better days and at least one of which is surplus to requirements, so we're planning a orgy of mayhem and chaos over the August bank holiday weekend (that's the 26th-27th August for the calendrically challenged like myself) in which we're hoping to demolish both sheds and put up a replacement that's more secure and less likely to collapse.

Given ias's, ahem, 'delicate condition', we could do with a bit of help, so this is a call for volunteers. In return, we'll feed you and ply you with good beer.

Anyone interested?

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Sorry, I'd help if I was there by then!

I'm likely not to be in a position to attend, but I can usefully offer a small piece of advice. When the_major pulled her shed down a couple of months ago, she discovered subsequently that it was playing a vital part in keeping one of her garden fences upright, and when the shed was no longer in place the fence enthusiastically collapsed. You might wish to check that you won't find yourself in a similar position before you commence the destruction.

Thanks Doug - I've checked, and that isn't the case (the fence is sagging in places, and does need to be given some TLC, but the removal of our shed isn't likely to affect it).

good luck. I'm moving a load more stuff out of my hous eand cleanign and polishing like a mad thing to get ready for house selling photos being done later that week

Have you found a place that you want to move to yet?

(Deleted comment)
Cool! As I've said below, Saturday will be the main work day, though there'll probably be more work on Sunday (regrading the ground for a new shed).

Sorry, sounds like fun, but I shall be repainting my bedroom. That's if I find a nice colour in the next couple of weeks, anyway...

Given a complete lack of anything special to do over the bank holiday and the sneaky suspicion that everyone in Oxford is off doing something else.


That'd be great - I'll send mail with directions.

If you're still looking for volunteers, it looks like I'll be down in Southampton with fides this weekend, with little to do.

...plus, I can bring my own crowbar.

Yes please! That would be incredibly helpful!

We're going to be starting on the shed on Saturday (the skip arrives on Friday), and I reckon it'll probably continue until Sunday.

We'll be there - had this pencilled in the diary. What's the best day for you, so we can fit in the other three things we planned around it:-)

Saturday would be best, because that's when most of the heavy lifting will happen (removing roof, disassembling walls, etc).

Am fairly good at breaking things pulling things down, but am booked for family going-ons this week... if it rolls on 'til next weekend though, let me know and I shall come and lend a hand!

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