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Not something you see everyday

ias and I live less than a kilometre and a half from Southampton Airport, and about half a kilometre from the landing and takeoff flight path, so we're used to a lot of air traffic. What we weren't expecting to see was a rather low flyover by a B-1B Lancer with its wings swept full forward. Rather louder than we're used to, too. I guess that it's Farnborough this weekend, then?

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I was just east of Cambridge once and there was one of them stooging about over the road - something to do with a show at Lakenheath or Mildenhall, I guess. I've never seen something so big look so aimless.

Farnborough is next weekend I think - this weekend it's the Air Tattoo at Fairford...

Farnborough starts on Monday going on til end of next weekend. and at the moment bet we can trump you for aircraft noise. mind you two years ago I was out for a walk with some other mums and then it got all noisy. turned round to set what the godawful racket was and a stealth bomber flew over us at only about three times tree height.

handy tip for hte enemy they might be invisible to radar but they are the noisiest aircraft I have ever heard.


All depends what you are using to look at it. Nothing quite like saying to a USAF pilot if he has seen a Rapier 2 recently :)

Talking of Interesting Aircraft

Hi All,
I didn't think that Lancers were still operational, interesting. I was in central London on Sunday afternoon so didn't get the chance to see it. However there were a couple of MV22 Ospreys buzzing around, never seen these in flight before and it sounds very odd !


(Deleted comment)
Apparently, it was seen in the air near Basingstoke today by one of our ardent spotters :) Actually, he heard it first, named it, then went to the window to confirm... sad geek

Hey, this is completely random and nowt to do with the post, but I have a very random favour to ask. I've got a mate from my MA course who is doing his dissertation on Delicious and you're the only person I know who uses it! Would you find if I forwarded you the url of his research questionnaire?

Thanks in advance :)

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