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Lions AND tigers AND bears, oh my!

Well, Doctor Who was a bit of a corker. Now we need to work out how we're going to be able to watch next week's two-parter.

In other news, for us the warworld cup is over. A nation yawns.

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I have a charity function due to start just as the climax does next week. Bugger......

(Deleted comment)
I wish......I have to be there, I'm helping with the refreshments !

Yes, it was indeed a shiny episode - definetly the best of the season by my reckoning. Hope they don't screw it up in the next episode.

Yes, last week's trailer did rather give the game away, didn't it? Still, a fun episode with some nicely balanced humour and drama.

Bah! Humbug!

I haven't yet heard when (or if) the new season of Dr Who will appear over here. (The last season finished about a month ago....) Hopefully the Sci-Fi channel will pick up the new season too.

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