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Planning my life: WWW2006 in Edinburgh

With some chagrin, I've just realised that I'll be in Edinburgh at the time of plokta.con π. Chiz.

On a related note, I'll be in Edinburgh for WWW2006 from the evening of the 20th May until the 29th May. Any residents of Auld Reekie care to meet up for a drink or two during that period? zotz? grahamb? surliminal? xanta? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

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I'll be around for the first few days of that period. I'm off west and north as of the 25th.

Sure - I'm busy the Thurs and prob off to Plokta Pi on the FRiday tho!! (Irony!!!) I'd realy like to have seen some of WWWW 06 - you know my Google panel never made it in the end? What a cock up that all was!!

It's a bit of a poor show, alright...

(Deleted comment)
I was intending to - he's going up on the same train as Chris and I, isn't he?

Dunno if anyone mentioned it at the Writers' Bloc thing yesterday, but suspects of various degrees of usualness may be found in the Auld Hoose of a Wednesday or in K Jackson's on Thursdays.

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