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Three times bitten, four times shy?

As the fabulous ias has also noted, the damned cat has pissed on the bed again (making this the second time for our own bed and the third time for beds in the house in general), which is of course exactly the sort of relaxing event that we need in the run-up to the wedding (three weeks today).

I've been mentally composing notices to put in newsagents' windows, but they all come out something like "Affectionate yet neurotic, plaintive and incontinent adult cat to go to good home with ample opportunities for defecating and urinating on soft furnishings, beds and other objects of value. Potential owners must not mind the smell of cat drool, and should preferably be deaf. Extreme level of tolerance essential."

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sooooooooooo when is this trip to NY Dr. Nick? :) I know it's near dina's birthday! dina might be in prague for her birthday...it's been on my mind...that eastern block... :)

sorry for the randomness..though I am sorry about the cat piss on your bed :(


Ooh, the trip. Yeah!

We're going to be in NYC from the 3rd to the 11th of January - how does this match up with your trip to Prague?

laughs! I'm not going to prague yet! I WANT to, don't know if I will...besides I'm sure I'll be in NYC for my birthday on the 8th!


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