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An introduction

Those of you who read ias's journal will have probably already read our announcement. For those of you who don't, I'll repeat it here:

Ladies & gentlemen,

May I introduce to you, on the third attempt: Garklet no.1

Garklet no.1 is currently 12w3d. Arrival is expected on 21 November 2006 but given the timekeeping of its parents, I wouldn't hold your breath.

The web page is rather bald at the moment (Nick did it!) and unfortunately the picture we got this scan was not the greatest but it is the only picture we have. The previous scan at 10w3d was really clear but unfortunately they didn't give us a piccie. We've had rather a lot of scans with this pregnancy due to me rather inconveniently spotting throughout the first trimester, however no reason for said spotting was ever found and garklet carried on developing right on target, quite oblivious to the whole thing.

I won't be posting a huge amount about the pregnancy (I've averaged about on post a week so far), but if anyone would like to go on my pregnancy filter, let me know.

ps: the temptation to title this entry "who's the daddy?" was, thankfully, not overwhelming.


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Oh, yay! Good luck, and fingers crossed!

congratulations and good luck

Left a message on Issys, so am going to leave a congrats on your LJ also - it's only fair :) Big large grins all round :)

Glad you resisted the not overwhelming temptation.

People have gone into exile for better puns than that.

Congratulations all the same!

Congrats and good luck. Not sure I believe you about the labels though, I suspect you just made them up and figured we'd never know :P

(Speak? That took me three goes to work out!)

I'm very glad I read back through my friends entries now though!! Congrats to you both, wishing you the best for the rest of the pregnancy (and beyond!) and keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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