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David Irving changes his mind

Does this make him a Revisionist Revisionist?

Short Shameful Confession: I've heard him speak in person - he gave a talk to the Historical Society at my school entitled "Hitler: Man of Peace", mainly because he was an old boy of the school. Nasty bit of work nonetheless. On the plus side, some enterprising soul had amended all of the posters advertising the event to add the phrase "All he wanted was a piece of Poland, France, the Netherlands..."

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I can't believe the school would have permitted him to speak....bet they keep quiet about him being an Old Boy now.....

We're talking about the school that also brought the world Noel Edmonds and Jack Straw!

(and Douglas Adams, but he's obviously a bit of an exception)

And this is bearing in mind the school in question is in Right-wingsville.....

I really don't get it - how can he deny the holocaust and why - is he just antisemitic or what - having watched the news I am no clearer on this point

but anyone who is arrogant enough to make sure his book is always in full view on his way in and out of court obviously just has really screwed values so maybe that's the answer

in fairness to the other three alumni I think they're quite good at what they aim to do - whether I appreciate their aims is a different value - but there is bugger all chance of my local MP holding open surgeries in front of Tesco's. I'd rather watch Noel Edmonds than Brucie. DNA well Austen, ConanDoyle and JK beat him but that's about it in my book (pun uninentional) but none of them got to play Earls Court with Floyd

At a press conference yesterday he appeared to me to be a different man, changed from the past. He accepted that the holocaust happened and he accepted that millions suffered and died. He appeared to me as a man who doubted and then discovered over time that he was wrong.

If he asks for forgiveness then I hope he will find redemption.

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