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Things to see and do in Sofia

The kick-off meeting for one of the European projects that I'm involved with is going to be in Sofia next month (23rd-24th March, for ias's benefit). ias and I are planning to stretch my visit into a short break for both of us, since we haven't had a proper holiday for a while.

Being a very well-travelled bunch of people, I'm sure that some of you have been to Bulgaria before, and being an opinionated bunch, I'm sure you'll have suggestions too. What should be on our must-see list, and what should we steer well clear of?


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Sorry, another one who hasn't been to Bulgaria (though, like Lil, has been to Romania). And that was long enough ago that I haven't any specific recommendations...

Eastern European countries often have some lovely, lovely old cities though... the ones that weren't razed in the last century, anyways.

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