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All points north

Bit of a busy week ahead of me. I'm currently in Aberdeen, at a workshop for one of the projects I'm involved with. Got up here late yesterday evening after a largely uneventful flight. Doesn't look like I'll have any spare time to meet up with local folk, which is a pity.

Anyway, here until Wednesday evening, when I head back to Bath. It looks as though I'll be taking at least a half day off work on Thursday, since ias and I are going to be doing a fair bit of cooking for our Almost Burns Night Supper that evening. We're making our own haggis, following ias's grandfather's recipe. Rather large volumes are involved, since we're feeding twenty. We seem to have enough potatoes and turnips to feed an army.

Finally, on Friday we're off up to Cheshire to see ias's grandfather, which will be a nice break.

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Gah. Slip of the fingers. Still haven't got used to the idea that neither of us live in Bath.

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