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New community: thegents

As around half of my friends list are aware, LJ has the women-only theladiesloos community, based on the old Mono group of the same name. In an attempt to correct what could be perceived as a regrettable gender imbalance, and to provide a virtual space which allows men to ignore each other in an atmosphere of mild embarrassment, I'd like to announce the creation of a new community: thegents.

That is all.

(and now I need to go and prepare for a viva)

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Amusingly I got attacked for suggesting that the etiquette in a ladies loo is quite different from that in the gents. According to other chap on trollthread, I don't know what I am talking about and he regularly chats over the urinals. I'm glad you have cleared that up.


I suspect that he's actually a perfidious agent of the monstrous regiment of women, sent to unnerve men in their last remaining sanctum.

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