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GARKNET is go!

We have ADSL in Gark Villa. Also, my back is starting to feel quite a bit better. These are both Very Good Things.

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glad to hear both things :-)

So, you'll surface in a few months, then?


What's most irritating is how slow 512kb ADSL is compared to the 10Mb fibre link onto a fast campus network and JANET that we used to have in Gark Towers. I'm really going to miss that, not least because it used to be free.

YAY on the back getting to normal, I complete comisserate. I'm also starting to lean on the Lloyd to get this house "wireless" so I can get a laptop and surf downstairs (now there's an image) while I'm with the girls... oh the plans I have while playing "where is she, there she is"

If you've already got the ADSL modem, I've got a wireless access point and router that's now surplus to our requirements that you're welcome to (Netgear MR814v2).

Of course, this would mean that you'd now really need a laptop...

If the Lloyds don't want this we'd be happy to buy it off you.


Noted. It's only 802.11b, but it's reliable and easy to configure.

What exactly did you do..

..to your back and how?

Or is that too TMI?

Re: What exactly did you do..

Not TMI at all - I will probably post to LJ (need to post a redux of what I've been up to for the last couple of months anyway), but this is a rough outline.

I had a stiff lower back on Saturday night, and it was sore on Sunday morning so I took some ibuprofen. We'd been tidying up the bedroom, and I'd flopped back onto the bed. When I tried to get up, I had a stabbing pain at the very base of my spine, so I yelped and fell backwards. It took about ten minutes to get me sitting upright, and another half hour to get my trousers on (I'd been wandering around in my dressing gown, it being a Sunday) so that I could get to A&E in a semblance of decency. Hurt lots to lift my legs, which made me suspect sacroiliac inflammation (I had a week-long case about three years ago). Doctor at A&E agreed, and gave me a prescription for dichlofenac (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, like a stronger ibuprofen).

Back got worse before it got better, so by Sunday night I could only lie on my back and couldn't turn over, even with help (spasms were just too painful when Isobel was trying to haul me onto my side). Sunday night was bad, since the rest of my muscles in my abdomen decided to start spasming in sympathy. Slept most of Monday, took the painkillers, and by Tuesday evening I was mobile enough to be able to get to the loo by myself.

Re: What exactly did you do..

So to answer your question, nothing that I was aware of. I hadn't been lifting anything heavy, for a start.

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