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Dumpster diving for fun and profit

Term has ended here in Bath, and the residence is drowned in the usual deluge of discarded kitchen goods. Bath Uni is pretty bad at doing anything with this but sending it to landfill, which makes both ias and I rather pissed off. We've just had our annual dig through the mountain of rubbish (and I do mean mountain - we're talking about a heap 2.5m high and about 4m side to side) and have picked out the following goodies:

  • A long mirror
  • A Sabatier vegetable knife (needs a little TLC, but nothing that some diligence with a whetstone won't cure)
  • A laundry basket
  • A bale of bubblewrap 1m wide and about 1m in diameter.

Also spotted a couple of students digging through the pile, which is unsurprising since there are rich pickings to be had for all.

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You know, you two make it sound like fun !

(Deleted comment)
I've considering watching myself stab the bubblewrap with the knife, but I'm blowed if I know what to do with the laundry basket.

I cannot emphasise how cool the bubblewrap is - there must be 50m of the stuff there! Also very useful and timely, since we'll be moving everything to Bath in the next couple of months, and we needed something to pack the good crockery with.

(Deleted comment)

*cough* Has the Stark mentioned about crashspace in the Highlands with beer, Linux and hiking post-Worldcon to you?

Cos we'd love to have you!

She had, but it'd slipped my mind. Yes, I'd be very interested in some post-Worldcon activities. What dates had you in mind?

Well, we've got the place from 6-13 August, so you could mosey up for a few days after WorldCon if you wanted to...

Make a kitten suit.

Not the furry kind, the protevtive kind. Like the bear suit, but bubble wrap and washing baskets will probably only be proof against kittens.

(Deleted comment)
Gosh. Fame of a sort, I suppose.

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