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Doctor Who: Bad Wolf

Cor lummee, they've kept the really good stuff for the end of the season haven't they?

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I agree that there's little doubt who that voice belongs to. So much about the new series is consistent with the old (the 'alien' saucers are from a DVD re-work of a 1964 story, the 'alien' control room effect is from 1963) that the chances of the voice being identical and *not* being a certain character from the original series (and a fairly obscure one, too) are low.
During the scene where the 'aliens' start panicking, I was reminded of the Simpsons episode where Kang and Kodos run away from Earth shouting "Escape! He's got a plank with a nail in it!"

A terrific episode: shame the ending was blown by the tabloids/BBC a few months ago. Probably.

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