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Well, that's that. I've finally taken the plunge and paid my money for Interaction, so I guess that I'm going to be at the Worldcon this summer, making this both my first Worldcon and also my first large SF con (having repeatedly failed to get to any Eastercons). Those of you who are going to be at Intersection - which hotels will you be staying in?

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On the assumption that you mean Interaction rather than Intersection, flick and I are in the Moat House.

And it's worth noting that, although it's currently full, they are about to start releasing some of the unused staff rooms to the general con membership.

And yay for coming along!

Yes, I'd noticed that.

Gah. I brainoed the first mention of Interaction, noticed it and corrected it, then completely missed that I'd referred to it as Intersection the second time around.


I think we're in the Hilton.

Righty-ho. I hadn't realised that you had succumbed to the LJ...

Not in any very active sense - I created an account a while ago, but have yet to post anything to it.

Looks like Michelle and I will be running the SF Foundation book stall for some of the time at WorldCon; if you feel like spending some time selling books, I'm sure it can be arranged :)

I could easily have my arm twisted - it's a good way to meet a broader cross-section of fandom.

btw, I've booked myself into the Hilton.

I had been thinking about going, but I decided it was too much of a drain on my limited resources. Hope you enjoy it.

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