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I suppose that it's all my own fault, really. In October, I wrote that I'd done a piece for a promotional DVD at work and had managed to work the word 'flange' into my contribution for a bet. Before you ask, it is perfectly possible to use 'flange' in a non-obscene manner when describing the Semantic Web. As it happened, this ended up making it through to the final cut for the DVD. It's not too bad, though I still hate the sound of my own voice. Oh, the irony.

A couple of weeks ago, the social secretary for my research group (a charming Canadian postgrad called Maria) organised a talent night. I didn't perform, mainly because I can't sing, can't play an instrument and couldn't persuade Dr Nick (of totl.net fame) to join me in a Ginsberg-esque partnership reading bad Perl beatnik poetry, provisionally called Beat-Nicks. Alas. I've been trying to persuade him since Sonic Underground 3 with no luck.

One thing I was looking forward to was Six Foot Underground, elseware and gnommi's band. They'd not played in a few years, and I fully expected that their set would be as memorable as any of their previous gigs. elseware had given me a brief hint as to what their set would contain when he asked me if I minded being sampled. Can you guess what the sample was? Oh, go on...

To cut a long story short, elseware posted a video of their set (84Mb), and I'm now thoroughly sick of the sound of my own voice, especially when hearing myself say 'flange' as alien squirrels are pummelled with a frying pan.

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Flange, your word is immortal
Flange, your poetry is goethic
Flange, your shape is Gongoristic

Laurels to thee O bard who uttered the word 'Flange'

(Deleted comment)
Indeed. On later recollection, your sets always resemble fever dreams ("and there were these alien squirrels..."), which is pretty impressive. The only other thing that I've found that I can compare them to is the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics ("and there were these shrimps on unicycles and giant inflatable Frankenstein kangaroos and men with anglegrinders and plump girls in plaid skirts being chased by metal sharks on wheels and Kylie on a giant flip-flop...")

Bloody good show - well done the pair of you!

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