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Buy this game: Darwinia

Off to Bristol before nine this morning, to go to IKEA and thence to John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway. Nowt much to speak of in general (looking at kitchens), but I did pop into Virgin and pick up a copy of Darwinia, which is easily the most innovative and nifty game that I've played in a while. In fact, since I played the last game by these guys, the rather good Uplink. If Uplink was a novel hacking simulation games, then Darwinia is an artificial life real-time strategy game with a gestural interface.

Both of these games are from Introversion Software, which is essentially a UK-based independent outfit run by two recent graduates out of their bedrooms. The US distribution for Uplink went sour when the distribution company filed for Chapter 11, and Introversion haven't received royalty payments from them since the spring of 2003.

Buy this game. These guys are doing some good work, and need your support.

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I knew it!

I knew there was something fishy about your Semantic Web example on that damn DVD.

May I ask who the "lab manager" is that from which you made ten english pounds? Feel free to use ecsinfo-able usernames if realnames scare thee.

An extended Rimmer salute to all sampled uses of the "Flange" DVD scene.

It's not that fishy an example. I first learned the audio processing meaning from Steve (my long-suffering ex-officemate) who was using RDF to describe plugins within the LADSPA system.

There was also a project within AKT to build a design workbench for engineers in the aerospace industry who were designing high integrity pipe joints, or flanges as they're better known.

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