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One for the Potterites

There's a Grauniad article (secondary reporting from The Sun) on suspicious betting patterns in Bungay, Suffolk (the location of the printers of the previous five HP books) which point to the identity of the major character which JKR has said will die in the sixth book. Very interesting. William Hill are apparently no longer taking bets on the character concerned.

(Grauniad article contains potential spoilers, naturally)

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Have you noticed how she has said that a major character was going to die in every book so far pretty much?

Not a hype tactic at all then!

That's not quite true. She said that one was going to die in GoF, but as it turned out not one that we'd care about. I don't think that she'd made that pronouncement about any of the others.

Well, I think several did care but I wasn't one of them. But then I was halfway through the next chapter before I eralised what had happened and had to go back and re-read the end of the previous one. I think you were making the twice-baked goat's cheese souffles at the time.

I think you were making the twice-baked goat's cheese souffles at the time.

Quite possibly.

And Order of the Phoenix. Which makes it the last 3 books consistently having this hype pre-launch at least.

There was lots of hype the other year about a major character which was going to die in the fifth book. When I finally got around to reading it, I didn't realise for a couple of pages that the character which had just died was the character who was going to die. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

Maybe the chapter in question was just too confusing ? That's how I found it, at least !

I agree - it was confusing. Plus is was a very subtle death in the midst of lots of bangs and crashes. So subtle I missed it completely on first, and I think even second reading.

When mine arrived at 7am on publication date, a voice from beneath the duvet said "So who dies then?"

Five minutes later, after flicking through the book and saying "Hagrid! No, hang on a second, not him. Dumbledore! Nope, not him, either." I found the answer.

My response was "Oh, don't really care."

Yes, yes. Some of us knew yesterday.

Tch. I should have known.

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