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On musical puns

There's a TV advert for a car company (Vauxhall, it turns out) that's playing at the moment which has a rather catchy bossa nova cover of Depeche Mode's I Just Can't Get Enough. Last night, I finally got around to trying to find out who the cover was by. Thanks to teh powah of teh intahweb, I discovered that it was by a French band called Nouvelle Vague (flash). What's more, their eponymous first album is a collection of bossa nova covers of various New Wave classics, as they describe it - they stretch the definition quite far to include New Wave contemporaries. So, we have chirpy covers of Love Will Tear Us Apart, (This is not a) Love Song, Making Plans for Nigel and Teenage Kicks amongst others, all of which are rather good.

Because, you see, both nouvelle vague and bossa nova translate as New Wave...

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Yeah they are rather good arn't they, i had the pleasure of hearing their album on the way up to whitby last month

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