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Incredible Inedibles

Lunches at WWW2005 this week have been pretty poor on the whole, being a semi-Westernised selection of mediocre rubbish. We thought that we'd seen the worst when we found that the croissants had hot dog sausages in the middle, but we hadn't counted on today's masterpiece.

That is not a chicken drumstick with rickets. That is an undercooked salami-style sausage, brimming with health-giving nitrates, that's been molded around a piglet rib. The mind, she boggles.

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The croissants with hotdogs in them is an american thing.


I haven't partaken of them :)

I'm thinking of a Belgo Nord expedition while I'm in London next week (Friday or Saturday perhaps), you interested ?

There's a good chance I'll be in London next Friday on business, so this sounds possible. More details when I get them. WHat sort of time would you be talking?

Dinnerish time ? :)

Beyond wanting to drag people to Belgo while I'm in London, whatever works... are you going to stay in London for the weekend or just there for Friday ?

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