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I am so doomed

A few years ago (six, if I count them correctly), elseware of totl.net fame put together the Absolution Online website as part of a very roundabout way of justifying another slightly less funny website. Strictly speaking, this isn't actually simony, because no money is changing hands, but more unlicensed absolution, not that that's any better (he gets mail from grateful genuine users).

For reasons related to the papal election, this came up at lunch yesterday. If there's no pope, then is it really sinful to grant (or sell) pardons? elseware was offering pardons at the very reasonable rate of 10p for twenty four hours, so I bought two on the off-chance that I'd need them (one retrospective for the previous day, one for the next twenty four hours). Now I need to find something to do in the next three hours, otherwise I'll have bought those pardons for nothing...

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My godmother's brother, my God Uncle?, is really cross about this. Starting a petition against the sale of pardons on ebay.
relevance just that he is a monk, the sceretary to the head of the Dominican's in the Vatican


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