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Putting your money where your morals are

Prompted by a comment by valkyriekaren, I've finally got round to sending off to the Peace Pledge Union for a pack of white poppies.

I've had strong critical views about the way in which the British Legion conducts Remembrance Day for some years now (in short, their interpretation seems to be more about jingoism than remembrance, and pays no mind to the non-combatant deaths in war). To top this, there was a brief article on the Today programme this morning about the sponsorship of the British Legion's Poppy Appeal by that well-known company of peaceable aims, British Aerospace, which shows once again that the truth is more cruelly ironic than fiction. The spokesman for BAe on the programme went as far as to say that this was appropriate and consistent because "BAe provides the best possible weapons for Britain because weapons are neutral"

I find this sickening, and I will refuse to support the British Legion (through the Poppy Appeal or otherwise) from now on.

(for those that are interested, a RealAudio stream of the interview is available from the BBC, possibly for a limited time)

Further coverage from The Guardian.

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(Deleted comment)
Guns don't kill people.

See these little hard things that come out of the end . . . ?

As the much-missed Ken Kesey urged us, Ban the Bullet.

I'll buy one off you. I've always wanted one but have never known where to get them apart from making your own (a friend at school did just that - he typexed a red poppy white and was hauled up in front for the headmaster for his trouble)

Must admit I've always just ignored those bits of Remembrance Sunday I've fond a bit distasteful or troublesome for example the complete lack of absence of women from the memorials and that's even before we get to civilians. (the only place I've seen women listed on a war memorial was at the Moravian village church in Gracehill)

Having said that, I'm not overly keen on the one used on the PPU site either and can't agree with there stance that there is no such thing as a just war. In the real world I can't see how Hitler would have been dealt with other than by declaring war.

I think I still stand by the position I had when I was 14 and we were having this debate on the school bus - I'd wear both together in an ideal world.

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