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Well, now I'm well and truly fucked off, properly kicking-things-and-swearing-loudly fucked off. And the reason? I'm not going to be able to vote in the coming general election because the fucking University of fucking Bath has removed my entry from the electoral roll for Bath on the assumption that only students could possibly be registered to vote on campus, and they bugger off at the end of each year.

ias went through this last European election, when she found that she'd been removed (I did manage to successfully vote in Bath). We were assured that the problem had been fixed. Well, if by "fixed" you mean "fucked up royally in only the way that a university can manage", then I suppose it has been fixed.

I've just phoned the electoral registration officer for Bath and found out that ias has also been removed from the electoral roll. The process for registration at the university seems to be that they remove everyone from the electoral roll each year, then send the registration office a list of only the students living on campus. Since the registration process is driven by the university, the local registration office doesn't send out reminder notes.

Given that the deadline for registration was 11th March, there's no way for me to get on the electoral roll for this election, and it's almost certain that all forty-odd resident tutors at the university have been similarly disenfranchised.

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When we moved to Tower Hamlets, they refused to add us to the electoral roll when we called them. Apparently they only change their roll twice a year, which I suspect breaches something or other. It certainly meant our credit record was pants until they sorted it out.

Since there was no election in that period, we didn't make a fuss, though if we'd needed a loan or ended up linked to Jo Peters, who seems to have done a runner, then I might have complained more vigorously.


That appears to be incorrect. The Electoral Commission states that the roll is updated monthly, except between August and November when the householder canvassing takes place.

I think the TH electoral roll dept was just too damn lazy to perform their legal duty.

We moved in November, so I was contacting them during the official update period, but they told me it should have been Oct and I'd missed the boat.



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