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Today's rant is brought to you by the letters 'B' and 'T'

£25.84 each year for listing both ias and my name in the telephone directory?!? Since when did BT have a license to print money? As one of my colleagues noted, why are we even listing ourselves in the phone book, since we'll probably only pick up cold callers.

And on a completely unrelated note, here's something to scare the socks off anyone who did the software engineering group project at Warwick the same year as me (paging perdita_fysh).

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(Deleted comment)
I am ex-dir and have never been charged, but then I will never be in it.

I marvel at the things that company gets away with, I really do. I'm sure they overcharged me massively twice, for daytime internet usage I didn't make, and they wouldn't listen. It also took an hour of being passed from person to person to get disconnected from their service last summer, I guess because they thought I'd get so sick of this crazy phone operator vortex that I'd change my mind about leaving. I didn't, and I didn't get the bill they said they were going to send me either, so I suspect I'm now on their blacklist.

So yeah. BT = teh suck.

Why on earth would you want to be listed in a phone directory? Sounds like madness to me.

Much like eden. A cricket simulator wasn't it? I still don't know how to play cricket either.

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