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The Friendly Isle

Cork airport has free WiFi. It's the only airport that I've been through in the last week (Heathrow, Nice, Frankfurt) to make such an offer to all passengers.

(of course, it was rather rubbish, which is why I'm posting this from my desk today, rather than from the airport bar yesterday with a pint of Beamish in one hand)

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Shannnon airport also has free WiFi and I couldn't get to the bar because there was a long line of American service people (army) trying to drink it dry, so I geeked instead. Good job it worked.

Dublin, too. I haven't tried it out yet because my laptop frankly weighs a ton and is probably over the carry-on weight allowance by itself, but I believe that its rather good.

(Deleted comment)

And how...

The airport bar was comfortably clear of smoke as well, which made a big difference.

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