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Best. Java. Application. Ever. Continued. (proof for xanta)

Touchgraph friends network

xanta, you're just below nik_strychnine towards the bottom of the Edinburgh Goth area. The Network Does Not Lie! (well, not really)

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I'm virtually at the centre of the Potter Fandom :-?

Well, the t00bs are the bit of Potter Fandom I've seen most of, and they're pretty cohesive as a group; it's probably luck that you've ended up at the centre.

Interesting. When I tried mine a few months ago, it just become a big chaotic mess and I couldn't make much sense of it. Maybe I should try again and see if I can spot patterns a little more.

I had my Mindmap done a year or so ago, which was quite interesting at the time, because people I knew from certain places were in certain colours (people I knew from Barbelith in pink, people from a Douglas Coupland mailing list in yellow, Monochrome BBS people mainly in blue, etc), but unfortunately it is rather out of date now.

You might want to put 'AFP' over the blob above Cambridge; as pretty much everyone in that area is (or has been) part of the AFP mob.

*That's* what they have in common - I'd been trying to work out how they were connected.

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