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Well, we now have a house. Starting to feel a bit more settled about it (compared to yesterday, when I was getting all sorts of panicky feelings).

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Congratulations to you both!

Glad it all went smoothly!

When's the house warming!? *grins*

Re: Glad it all went smoothly!

Mostly thanks to you, I should add.

The only niggle we have is that the previous owners left *huge* amounts of furniture in the house beond what they said they'd leave (three piece suite, two single beds, a double bed, a wardrobe). They're coming over tonight to collect the mirror that they accidentally left behind, so I'm going to ask them if they wouldn't mind awfully taking all the rest with them. I could also bore you with the story of the punctured radiator that both we and the surveyor missed, that has been bodged up with putty and paint by the previous owners and rather urgently needs a plumber but that's just the inevitable result of houseowning, I guess.

House-warming? That'll probably be sometime after we've redecorated the living room, since the current colour scheme is a bit trying (put it like this - if we were to have a foodfight with ketchup and mustard, it wouldn't show on the living room walls...)

(Deleted comment)

I will be checking the sheds when I get home this evening. Oh yes.

Cor, aren't you the grown up, well done!

As I type this, I am huddled in the fetal position in the darkness beneath my desk, sucking my thumb and rocking backwards and forwards while sobbing "don't want to be a grown up, not a grown up, don't want to be a grown up".

That's pretty much how A reacted to buying a house. Congratulations.


Deep down, we know that we are the weaker sex.

Whoo! Do you have an estate agent link you can post for us all to drool over?

Not yet - we've taken plenty of 'before' photos, which we'll try and get online at the weekend.

Not done with Nick's nice program so rather rough and ready, but you can have a look here:

(Deleted comment)
Congratulations, and hooray for house joy! I hope you enjoy the process of turning it into a home.

Have fun.
Try not to kill any tradesmen, you will be tempted to do so at times.
If laying laminate floor, use the click-together stuff, not the glue-together stuff, put thick lining underneath it, and try to take the skirting off to install the floor rather than using the quarter-circle edging strips.

And gues which of the above the previous owners, soon to be renamed Bodgit and Cogit, did?

Send in the ninjas with bouquets of marshmallows and buckets of flowers!

I do hope that you are happy with the house

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