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Mark Thatcher pleads guilty

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I liked Jeremy Hardy's comment on the News Quiz when the story originally broke last year: ``It's like one of those lovely human interest stories that makes you go `aaahhh...' and really brightens up your day''.

I wonder if they'll take away his baronetcy.

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They can in principle take away hereditary titles. They can take away anything. They're not likely to - peers have never been an entirely innocent crew. Where would you stop once you'd started?

Where would you stop once you'd started?

When there none left, of course.

Re: Where would you stop once you'd started?

Touchy issue. They suspect us of being after doing that anyway. They're right, of course, but there's no point giving them warning.

I'm not sure. People have been stripped of knighthoods and other honours for similarly serious crimes - fraud is certainly sufficient. I'm not quite sure why Archer still has his (life) peerage - it may be that there are legal technicalities there because it confers membership of the legislature, or perhaps the Life Peerages Act just doesn't stipulate any procedures or mechanisms whereby a criminal peer might be demoted.

Baronetcies are odd things - basically hereditary knighthoods, they don't confer any political rights or privileges. It may be that he could be stripped of his title, but that his eldest son (if any) would inherit it upon his death - or possibly the title would just be abolished outright.

I think what's happening is that peers with serious convictions (criminal ones, that is) won't be allowed to sit in the House. From this year sometime, probably.

(Deleted comment)

This occurred to me as well. The real shame is that Maggie seems to be ga-ga enough that she may not realise the full disgrace that her son is in.

I can just see the headlines...

"Shock in court as a Thatcher tells the truth!"

Oi! Thatcher! Get yer trousers on, you're nicked!

Oh dear, what a shame :)

Although, having said that - from what I've read about Equitorial New Guinea the place was ripe and still is for a change in government.

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