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Thoughts on Jerry Springer

While it is a truth universally acknowledged that the devil has all the best songs, this does not rule out the possibility that there's also some real dross in his repertoire.

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Aw c'mon. I thought the tunes were rather good,serving the show well and from time to time even being rather sweet.

Plus "Jerry Eleison"! C'mon! We need more Latin jokes in modern music!

Mind you, don't Cradle of Filth work for Satan as well? And M*riah C*rey (She Who Is Not To Be Named)? Hmmm. Point taken.

Or am I being unsporting?

Overall, I though that it was a bit of a curate's egg. The second act worked much better for me than did the first (the "fu-fu-fu" Satan/Jesus duet being a high point, not least because "talk to the stigmata" was such a good line), with the overtones of Faustus.

I was a bit nonplussed and distracted by the audience in the first act, who seemed to applaud and cheer every time anyone sung a rude word (gosh!). This partly reinforced my suspicion that people were going to see it for the shock value, and I think that the actors played up to this as well.

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