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And now, the 1998 Show!

A little over a year ago, I commented that I hadn't heard that the Wachowski brothers were working on an adaptation of V for Vendetta.

Yesterday, Warner Bros put out a press release stating that they're going ahead with the project. There's a poster image for people to drool over:

For what it's worth, they appear to have cast Natalie Portman as Evey, which might work.

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I am going to get into soooo many fights over this. I might have to deleat my journal to avoid all the mellow drama.


As far as I'm concerned, I shall approach this film with an open mind as a work in its own right, and not as a derivative of a much-loved comic.

And when it turns out to be an abomination even more horrific than the Matrix sequels, I shall burn down Warner Bros., torture the Wachowskis (and their little dogs too), and sow the soil with salt lest the evil persist.

Still, at least it isn't Halle Berry.

Is there a tube line under Warner's UK offices by any chance? If so could do them in a most appropriate style.

Alas, no. They're on Theobald's Road (no. 98), and the nearest tube line is the Piccadilly, which passes north-south past the west end of Theobald's Road. Shame.

I recall the Pain, the fear, the loathing on hearing a rumour that they were planning to change the setting with the bad guys as stock Nazi's. I hope the rumour was untrue, it's just too awful to consider. It's a book of shock, power and subtlety. I dread to think what the film will be.

PS This will the director's first film, his previous work includes Matrix, Star Wars III and Street Fighter.

Next Year Warner Bros will be bringing Sandman as a movie... with Steven Seagal in the lead role.

Gyaaah! Don't do that, Chris! I'm going to have nightmares about muscly Dreams tonight (maybe Halle Berry would make the perfect Delirium?)

An invented rumour, be thankful you're in the industry and hearing all of the daft casting choices that get stopped at the last moment.

Maaah... maaah. words fail me. Just... maah.

Going to be so bad :/

Deeply dubious.
Thinking Constantine here (shudder).

You know, I once hid V in my bedroom after he custard pied Dez Skin at Cyrmrucon, oh way, way back in 1983.

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