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I'm shattered

Far, far too much work on at the moment. Was up until late working on the lecture slides that I hadn't had time in work to write since the last lecture, and was up early to finish them off before I had to leave for work and my first meeting of the day (for which the other participant has yet to arrive, I note with some irritation). Lecture is in less than an hour, and then I've got a meeting to finish polishing a paper for a deadline this afternoon, then it's a hurried lunch, a teleconference for the journal and a meeting with my project student. Then it's 4pm.

I need coffee.

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Oh my love!

I had decided this morning to pop down to Soton this evening and then realised that I have to do Martin's 3 month report instead :(

I now have another meeting with Les at 1600 that's a continuation of the 0900 meeting that started late because he came in at 0930 and I had a lecture to give at 1000.

This meeting is to work out what we're going to do about this damned EU project reports. Les persuaded me to help him out with a report for Liz Lyon of UKOLN, that he'd delegated to one of his postgrads. "Money! Women! Fame!", he said (or something similar). I'm such a sucker. The deadline is at the end of the month. Ack. The only feedback we've have back from Liz is that it's good, but needs to be about twice as long as its current twenty pages. Apparently, increasing the font size and the leading aren't appropriate solutions, more's the pity.

I suspect that I'd be extremely poor company (grumpy, stressed and/or asleep) if you were to have come up this evening, but the thought was much appreciated. I don't have anything in my diary before 1150 tomorrow (more UCAS interviews), so I could come to Bath this evening. I shall see how the afternoon takes me...

tis the season....

to be overworked and have (expensive) sick pets....

hope it gets better soon

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