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Lining my empty bookshelves

Last year, I got a paper published in a new Elsevier (ack! spit!) journal. Late this year, I became one of the editors-in-chief for the journal. Last week, I finally received a copy of the first volume of the journal, which contained my article. Today, I received a big box containing another dozen copies.

Either this is a justification for Elsevier's (ack! spit!) ludicrous subscription costs, or they've overprinted.

(on the plus side, this means that I've managed to fill another 10" of shelf space in my spartan but overshelved office)

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I used to work for one of Elsevier's printers. They overprint like you'd never believe, since it's so much cheaper to end up a few hundred copies over than a dozen short, and have to do a reprint.

Sounds reasonable. They're still a bunch of money-grabbing bastards, however.

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