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Fan Fiction Access and Useability Questionaire

Interesting research from a postgrad here at Southampton, with an attached survey. Satisfy your ticky-box fetishes here!

My name is Faith Lawrence and I am currently doing a doctoral research project in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Southampton. My supervisor is dr monica schraefel.

I am looking for people willing to participate on an online survey designed to investigate how people find and access fan and amateur fiction on the Internet.

I know that online communities are frequently the target of social science studies so I would like to make clear that this survey is part of a human-computer interaction project and the answers are intended to inform the design of applications to aid and support these communities as well as further research into usability and trustworthiness of the Web.

The questionnaire is aimed at Internet users of all ages, whether they are part of the fan or amateur writing community or not. Please feel free to forward this email or the URL below to anyone you know who might be interested.

All responses to the questions are confidential and anonymous and no personal data is requested. All data will be stored in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

The questionnaire will take roughly fifteen to twenty minutes to complete (give or take a few minutes depending which sections are applicable to your situation).

Please check it out. The URL is: http://interaction.ecs.soton.ac.uk/ir/projects/ontofic/survey/

If you have any questions about this project then please contact me (kf03r@ecs.soton.ac.uk) or contact the FanFiction Ontology Creation Project, a group made up of members of the fan fiction community who have expressed interest in the related work.

Thank you for your time

Faith Lawrence

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Oh dear: cut and paste spelling errors....

Oh? Where?

(or rather, in my post, or in the questionnaire?)

In the questionnaire: there's one question that has half a dozen possible answers, all with the same error in...

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