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Must. Not. Watch. DVD.

One of my colleagues recently mentioned that his other half had tracked down a copy of the ultra-rare Spanish short film La Cabina on eBay for his birthday last month. It was last shown in the UK on Channel 4 in 1985 or thereabouts. He passed on a copy of the DVD to me this morning. I'm not entirely sure if I ever saw this film, or if my dad saw it and my memories are an embellishment of him telling me about it over the breakfast table chez Gibbins in the mid-80s. They're certainly very vivid.

I have UCAS interviews to do at 1150. It's now 1124. The film is 35 minutes long. Grrr.

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That sounds amazing! Is there any chance you could cut me a copy? Blank DVDs and pints and everlasting gratitude on offer!

Relatedly: Have you read Fleep? It's quite similar in concept.

Yes, I should be able to do you a copy (need to check if I've got access to a DVD writer). And yes, it's not unlike Fleep, if a bit more sinister.

I'm sure I've seen it since then. In fact, I'm sure it's been on in the nineties.

Really? I hadn't realised - this might explain why the print is fairly clean (I say fairly advisedly - it's a DVD transfer of what's probably a video recording of the 1980s Channel 4 broadcast of what is quite a grubby 35mm print - lots of dirt and fibres on the opening sequence).

I'm sure I saw it more recently. Mid-nineties at the latest.

Watch the DVD and at 11:50 invite the interviewee in, watch the last 10 minutes and then base the interview on it.

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