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TotL in stark Monochrome

The words are hers, the links are mine.

The interviews I've done recently. I feel I should write a little bit about them, cos the people I interviewed keep logging on and reading my diary (Hiya!) and it feels a shame to disappoint them.
Go read totl.net. I interviewed its creators. And it's mainly funny.
I think seems to be one of the sanest in the group, definitely the most apologetic. Very bright. Held my cigerette for me, at arm's length, as if it might explode and kill him at any second.
Al is LOVELY. I wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would be ok. He didn't manage to get heard over the gibber much, but when he did it was interesting useful stuff that could well make up the bulk of the article.
Steve seems to feel things very strongly, he swears a lot. Lots of 'fucks' everywhere, but at least he says 'fuck' not 'fsck'. Only met him once, so don't have too well formed an opinion. Looked like he did more drugs than I do.
Chris luckily is interesting. Luckily because if he was boring and spoke as much as he does I doubt he would still be living. My head reeled trying to process everything he was saying. Erm. 23 was important I think? And furbies.
(He gave me a totl.net spatula and a whelk.)
Generally they were incredibly easy to interview cos they TALK SO FUCKING MUCH! I didn't mind, I was in stitches most of the time, not just cos they're funny (which they are) but because of the almost sibling-esque rivalry between them.
Also met Rich and Naomi at a pub last week, but cannae remember much about them - Naomi seems normal, and Rich looks like David Baddiel.
I met Dr Nick at a party and didn't know who he was, he was kinda cool I seem to remember? Dunno - I was wankered. And dressed as a parrot and generally just yelling 'SQUAWK' at people.
Haven't met Marvin. Marvin hates the press.