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Gardenia reprieve

It's been years since I've been there and had their chicken souvlakia, mainly because it's been years since I've lived in Cambridge, but this is extremely good news.

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Changing the subject slightly, I completely failed to mention in my comment on peake's excellent post on 1952 from 52 that ias grew up in Portstewart - her parents moved to Portstewart to start work at the University of Ulster (then NUU) soon after its beginning. With peake being in one of the first student cohorts, when there wasn't exactly a huge student body, there's a reasonable chance that their paths might have crossed. What subject did he do, and was he ever involved in university football?

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Ah, right. Tom Stark (her father) was a lecturer in Economics, admittedly one specialising in economic history.

(Deleted comment)

ias reckons he's more likely to have come across Ken Ward (history) or Mick Lemon (philosophy).

For most people - some people who live near it don't seem so impressed.

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