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Truth, meet Fiction; Fiction, this is Truth

It goes like this. I was at a goth night in Southampton with various TotL folk last week. Al and I were grumbling about how crap the band were, when Chris grabbed me and Al and said "There's a reporter outside who wants to interview us about TotL for a magazine".

Being the well-trained media whores that we are, we duly trotted along and talked to (at?) this lass by the name of Lu (short for something, I'm sure) for an hour or so before she came to her senses and ran off. Fast forward to Tuesday lunchtime, when she came back for more punishment and the second half of the interview.

She mentioned that she was a Monochrome user, which took me back a bit since although I have a Mono account, I haven't used it in years (as an aside, all of TotL seems to have Mono accounts - coincidence or not? You decide), and also that she knew my ex-housemate Jodi.

So, logged onto Mono to see what she'd written about us in her diary (which reawakened memories of What It Was Like Before LJ). She was also on, worked out who I was and paged me. During the ensuing conversation, she gave me the URL of a photo of herself at a party earlier this month (we'd asked for a photo so that we could wreak our revenge on her, muh-hah-hah-etc). Looked at the other party photos and found one of drnick (also of TotL fame, but who she hadn't interviewed and who she didn't realise was connected to TotL). Strange.

Stranger yet was the fact that I know the person that runs the machine on which the photos were stored (unsurprisingly, since he's one of the CS lecturers at Bath) and also the person who had taken them (Owen, an ex-Southampton student who's now doing his PhD at Bath)...

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seeeeeeee. There are only three people in the world, the rest are just figments of your imagination. And those three people know *everyone*

How can they know everyone else, if they're just figments of my imagination? They're in my head!

There are only forty people in the world, and five of them are hamburgers.

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