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Four guys called Ben

I now have my list of first year tutees for this coming year. Four out of the five of them are called Ben (well, one Ben, two Benjamins and one Benedict, but I suspect they'll all prefer to be called plain Ben).

This will make introductions easy, and keeping track of them very difficult, though I feel most sorry for the non-Ben:

Bruce: Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce a man from Pommyland who is joinin' us this year in the Philosophy Department at the University of Wooloomooloo.
EveryBruce: G'day!
Michael Baldwin: Hello.
Bruce: Michael Baldwin, Bruce. Michael Baldwin, Bruce. Michael Baldwin, Bruce.
Bruce: Is your name not Bruce?
Michael: No, it's Michael.
Bruce: That's going to cause a little confusion.
Bruce: Mind if we call you "Bruce" to keep it clear?

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(Deleted comment)

I don't have any data on them yet, so I assume that they're all eighteen year old home students. I have five students in total.

I hope that they'll get the reference - they *are* computer scientists!

I don't remember the reference coming up. Tho if it did and I didn't get it, I am, naturally, mortified.
And '83 for those who are counting.
Hi *waves*.

I didn't make it in the end. Thought that it might appear that I was "trying too hard", or some such.

And gah! X crashed on my damned (and antique) laptop, thereby losing me the links you harvested.

* bruce sees your antique laptop (some ibm/compaq PII was it?) and raises you a toshiba satellite 480CDT (P233) :P
Incidentally, it has a dos partition exclusively for playing commander keen: "Goodbye Galaxy" and "Keen Dreams".

Probably just as well they got lost.
Since I moved back to linux on my pc (downgrading my printer tomorrow for compatibility! how exciting!) I've been so much more productive. The thunderbird version on mdk 10.0 has only mail and newsgroup support. Those RSS feeds are the white witch's Turkish Delight. Sparklingly attractive, yet unsatisfying, and ultimately bad for you.

Still, I can't blame everything in my life on slashdot. That's what microsoft is for.

The antique is an old Dell Inspiron 8000 that weighs about as much as a small star, and has a disconcertingly short battery life (partly battery age, partly the fact that it's a power-hungry banshee). The non-antique is a gorgeous little IBM T41p. Well, maybe little isn't quite right, but it's appropriate is comparison with the old behemoth.

Just call them all "Graham". It'll keep things clear.

Suggest that they write an algorithm to hash real names into nicknames. :-)

Give 'em all FOAF info on little badges.

Have you met bruce, aka growf who has been known as bruce for a long time, for exactly this reason ?

the hatter

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