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Rank hath its privileges, sort of

Now that the previous occupant has moved out, I now have an Office of my Own.

However, I do not have:

  • A desk
  • Any chairs
  • Any filing cabinets
  • A desk lamp
  • A telephone number (but one is on its way)
  • My name on the door

I do have:

  • An antique telephone (redial? what that?)
  • Plenty of shelves
  • Plenty of blutak on those bits of the walls that aren't covered by shelves
  • A whiteboard
  • Some random junk that was lent to the previous occupant by the minuscule canadian and not returned
  • Two boxes of MS DOS 6 software on floppy disks

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A man should always know where his MS DOS 6 floppies are

A whiteboard is all you need to make it an office!

I'm very tempted to see if I can wangle some beanbags and an espresso machine. Unlikely, but a man can dream, can't he?

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