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Adventures in retail

My local supermarket (Safeways, now rebranding as "Safeways Compact", but with Morrisons carrier bags) used to sell three different types of anchovies. It now sells no anchovies, but it does sell rowan jelly.

That is all.

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A safeways nearby, sells Morrisons food and has a large notice in the foyer stating that it will be transferred to Asda. Recently they ran out of corkscrews so I had to go to Spar instead.

I have purchased Stand on Zanzibar which I shall be reading.

Is it good rowan jelly?

Not something I can really answer since a) I've never had rowan jelly before, so have no frame for comparison and b) I've not opened the jar to taste it yet. It's made by Baxter's, so I'd expect it to be a pretty good mass produced product, although I daresay that homemade would be better.

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