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Things I have learned
  • Eating too many pickled eggs does bad things to my digestion
  • The cocktail known as a Zombie is both yummy and an extremely dangerous beast. Warning, kids: Don't try drinking what amounts to a sextuple rum unless you're an expert!
  • It is possible to buy both fine Dutch cheese *and* chocolate flakes and sprinkles via the powah of teh Interweb

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euw to pickled eggs, euw I say!

But they're so yuuummy!

(especially pickled QUAILS' EGGS, dipped in celery salt)

hollandwinkel, hahahhaa, winkel, hahhaha!

WINKEL: Guten abend.

MARTINS: Dr. Winkel? (mispronouncing the w)

WINKEL: Vinkel.

MARTINS: Vinkel...You've got quite a collection of er- collection.

(name that film)

So you've managed to give yourself something of an increase in the number of sulfur reducing bacteria in your gut? Lower volume of *ahem* gaseous emissions but far, far worse smell?

Something along those lines, yes...

The sulfur reducing bacteria turn your gut into an environment that's quite hostile for the methanogens... The methanogens are the ones that normally make more of the gas, you see. The down side is that you're now releasing lower oxidation state sulfur compounds, which smell to high heaven. Normally, if that's not how your gut normally is, you'll be feeling a little wierd.

If, perchance, you're producing -more- gas and it smells bad, well, you've eaten more pickled eggs than I ever managed...

(Deleted comment)
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