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Death by PDF

This morning's keynote is a blow-by-blow account of the internals of PDF. I can honestly say (and this is coming from someone that has written PostScript by hand in the past) that I can't see why I would ever need to know this stuff, nor why it is really relevant to hypertext.

In other news, saw a pair of hummingbirds last night - beautiful little flashes of metallic green and gold. It sounds stupid, but it had never occurred to me that they might appear in the wild outside the tropics. Failed to get a photograph, since they were moving so fast, and were scared away by other people. Plenty of deer around the campus, all of which seem utterly unconcerned by humans (unlike the deer I saw by our garden in Bath earlier in the month).

Saturday's plan is to go whale watching in Monterey, which should be good. The company running the trips promises a 99.5% success rate, with a refund (redeemable for future trips) if you fail to see a whale.

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Been there and done that at roughly the same time of year. The Grey and Humpbacks are breeding in the trench off the Monterey coast, IIRC, quite wonderful. Oh, and try and go to the aquarium - it's where they set the whale story of Star Trek IV.

Be warned, whales do pong of what they like to eat.

We apparently saw a Blue but we only have the word of the boat captain on that one, it was a glimpse of a length of something longer than the boat.

It's cool: Pictures can be found on www.davenmaryse.com - look at Monterey.

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