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Today's impulse charity shop purchase
gritted teeth

A 1960s picnic hamper, plywood case covered with bright orange leatherette, for four people. Contains not one, but two thermos flasks (and proper made-in-Brentwood-Thermos-with-a-capital-T Thermos flasks at that), a sandwich box, four stacking cups (and a stacking sugar bowl), a sharp knife, four teaspoons, and two screwtop plastic bottles. All in good condition - some slight knife scratches on one of the plates, but otherwise fine. £30, and well worth it.

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Oh my god. Marvellous. I love it. Well found!!

Not bad at all! Better start planning some picnics while the weather holds!

That's exceedingly cool. You can have a hot Thermos and a cold Thermos!

Rah! We are now a three hamper household!

I remeber the days when there wasn't a big Sainsbury's and trhere was the big Thermos factory !

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