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Things I like, things I hate

Things I like:

  • Lacie 1Tb disk packs
  • Espresso machines in the coffee room
  • Cooler weather

Things I hate:

  • The time taken to format 1Tb disks
  • Needing training to use the espresso machines for health and safety reasons
  • Not being on holiday

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(Deleted comment)

Give it to a postgrad, pack them onto a plane to Pennsylvania and tell them not to come back without a copy of this?

(1Tb may not be enough)

(Deleted comment)

Damn straight. Our storage requirements are piddly compared to those of the bioinformatics people, which in turn are piddly compared to those of the high energy physicists.

To give some sense of the scale, the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will accumulate data at the rate of 10 PETAbytes (> 10,000 terabytes) per year. Rather humbling.

When the tanking telco had money (and in fact, my employer was still a burgeoning ISP and not even a telco yet) we did consider buying an espresso machine sufficiently studly that would require training for all who might use it. The company was fine with the idea of buying the machine, but balked at training up 70-odd people to use it, so we never got it.
So you're not doing badly to have one.

The other downside of the espresso machine is that the cost of an espresso will be £1.00, which is higher than the price of the not-so-good espressos I can get from the students' union, and only marginally less than the with-VAT price in the good coffee bar in the refectory (it's more than the without-VAT price, but I'm no longer a stoodunt).

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