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The final poll: Nick and Issy's Summer BBQ and Cocktail Party

Thanks to all those who filled out the previous poll to say whether or not they'd be coming to our party this weekend (details are in the same place as before). I've put up a final poll without the pesky "Not sure" answers so that we'll have a better idea of who we can expect:

Poll #326364 Nick and Issy's Summer BBQ and Cocktail Party

Will you be coming to our BBQ and cocktail party?

Yes, but only for the afternoon
Yes, but only for the evening

Need crash space?



You're not going to ask me about XML again, are you?

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I plead vast distances as an excuse. Sorry, it would be lovely to come, but considering the amount of traveling we are doing at the moment, I just don't think we can.
Have a lovely lovely time.

No probs - we're both a bit burned out on the "too much travelling" front, so I can entirely understand how you both feel.

Love to, seeing as it is local.

I've been instructed to say that we will be happy to do a potato salad. But I thought that this would be easier via you than direct to avoid the "who the hell is Nick?" question I got from my other half.

Excellent - the potato salad will be much appreciated!

Well it may cause bizarre ripples in the space time continuum, but I'll try to be there.

It will be an interesting excercise in motorway driving and solo navigation.

Radio-buttons for ticky-box questions? Fie! Fie!

Ceci n'est pas un ticky box

Pah. So why did you answer "yes" when you knew that the answer to "Ticky box?" (i.e. "Is this a ticky box?") was obviously no?

Pfft. No pleasing some people...

Apparently, Alex has doublebooked himself and is doing the one-off game that should be on the first Saturday of the month on the 31st instead (we are at a wedding the following week). So I thought I might come on my own. Will that be ok?

May need crash space for one, and reminding which bus to take.


Yep, no problem if you come on your own. The bus is the 18 from outside the chip shop opposite the bus station.

Oh, and tell Alex that he's a twit, but will still be missed. :)

If Firs' Gurt Wessern cooperate, Kazzi and I will be arriving three weeks from next Tuesday! Looking forward to seeing you both again.

Your map of where Cotswold House is has a feature: the arrow saying "Cotswold House" is visible when viewing the PDF but not when printing it.

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